Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Hug from a Moustache?

Writing blogs can be very difficult; especially when you are researching your topics and gathering data. You can get turned on to a subject, only to be side-tracked by 20 other potential topics as you go. The amusing thing is that when you have actually chosen your next greatest discussion-starter - it’s interesting. It’s important. It’s timely. Wait a minute. It’s not timely. Wait a minute. It is timely! What the ???

How many of you know November is Men’s Health Issues Awareness Month? How many of you know June is Men’s Health Issue Awareness Month? Which is it? Can somebody please straighten this out for me??!!

Regardless of which month is the “real” awareness month, I have to talk about Movember & Sons. The Movember movement began in Australia in 2003 and is now in over 10 countries. Last year, their movement raised over $126 million. Throughout the month of November, men grow moustaches of all shapes and sizes as a symbol of support for men's health. What a clever and light-hearted way to remind us not to forget the special men in our lives need care and attention too!  Movember & Sons is dedicated to increasing awareness of men’s health issues; raising money for cancer research and prevention, and educating others on lifelong healthy living practices. Please visit their website to learn more about this cause and read some inspirational stories of prevention and survival. Click here!! 

Well, whichever month it really is, Happy Growing (and waxing, and shaping, and twirling)!

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