Monday, October 20, 2014

The Best 10 Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Activity!

Like many of you parents out there, I am always in the market for a great kids' party idea. I have gone back to Google to try to find the original link I found giving me the suggestion, but now I can't find it. Though I took the idea and ran on my own with it, these people deserve some serious kudos. If I can find it again, I will definitely post it. But for now, I just have to share how successful this was!

HOLD AN AUCTION USING MONOPOLY MONEY. Prizes can range from a box of Mac 'n Cheese, Goldfish crackers or sugar-free gum, to a book, a killer pair of socks or a flat cap. We are also the family who likes to laugh, so a can of shaving cream, air freshener and deodorant will get them rolling! You wouldn't believe the excitement on their faces and the pride in the items they purchased. They can even trade after it's over. This had them completely engaged for a good 45+ minutes. It was priceless . . .

Some comments from mom's the next day:

"My son came home wearing his new socks that he proudly traded his Goldfish for! He's had them on for 2 days now. Ewww . . ."

"OMG, my son had so much fun, he won't stop talking. The next day, he used his deodorant twice and brought his Goldfish on our road trip!"

Other fun things they enjoyed was a ladder ball tournament and a Washeroo tournament. But the auction was so successful they never had time for the video game tournament! How great is that, that we barely needed electronics and technology for a 10 year-old birthday party!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Follow Up to Making Bronze Olympic Medals

This is a horribly shot video. I'll get it better next time :) One follow-up to my follow-up ;) I did find a bronze foam sheet at Joanne's Fabric/Craft store. It's not quite as nice of a color as how these turned out, but it would save time cutting out the painting steps.