Thursday, January 26, 2012

The 40 Year-Old Hug

I have to say that I am still in shock over my recent weekend. It was girls' time. 6 of us left our husbands and children at home to visit our girlfriend at her home in San Diego. The 7 of us have been friends since high school and complain regularly that we don't get to see each other nearly enough. We are all turning 40 and need to celebrate! Now was the time.

We are 7 women who are quite different from one another in our upbringings, our personalities and our lifestyles. But somehow, we have managed to establish an undying mutual respect for one another and the value of our relationship. We support each other. We help each other be better parents, partners and overall better human beings.

I was one of only two of us who absolutely had to catch the 49er/Saints playoff game. Thank goodness I had a partner! The other 5 ladies were free to come and go as they pleased. They spent their time having pedicures, eating lunch with us and walking on the beach. Sharon and I spent our time sitting in a bar booth, beers in hand, screaming at the television and trying not to cause too much of a scene. That part didn't go over so well :)

Coming down from the anxiety attacks we suffered by watching one of the best playoff games I have ever seen, Sharon and I hopped into her car to drive home and meet the other girls. We planned to get ready for a night on the town.

Upon arrival, we were escorted into the kitchen by our hostess with the mostess, Sharon. To our surprise, behind the counter was the warm and welcoming Pamela Croft, Chef and Owner of Dinner at Home. We started out with a toast of champagne, topped off with a raspberry, of course. Next came the light hors d'oeuvres of marcona almond and cream cheese on fig, and grapes covered in goat cheese and rolled in toasted pecans(absolutely to die for!) We enjoyed a first course of a sweet caramelized onion tart over a bed of mixed greens. Our second course was a light and beautiful 3-mushroom pearl risotto. A smooth chocolate torte for dessert finished us off.

Throughout the meal, we enjoyed our wine & food and reminisced about our teenage years and beyond. We praised ourselves for holding on to our friendships and appreciating their value. It was a rather emotional evening, but the best kind of emotional! Life gets difficult for all of us, in so many ways. Our relationships with our girlfriends keep our heads above water; seeing us through the toughest times of our lives and celebrating the most special.

We made it happen and are so happy we did. It is very important for women to hold on to their girlfriends. We rely on each other to keep our sanity! So, embrace your differences, recognize each other's strengths, appreciate each other and be forgiving. These relationships are not easy to come by. When they do find you, don't let them go. I love you girls!!

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